Vampires (also called Dark Angels or Demons) are primary supernatural creatures of the Midnight Series. They are
Blue eyes1

Blue Eyes

powerful immortals who feed on the blood of humans or animals. Vampires are one of the most dangereous species in the world.

Vampires extremely beautful and some are very attractive than others. Sometimes vampires seduces humans to turn. For ex. Michael seduced Rebecca. The vampire skin is pale white,very marble and chalky.These vampires are direct from the sunlight because they wear blue or red amulets to protect. A vampire eye's are red or blue. Newborn vampires are blue they become red when they hunt for humans.

When a human is changed into vampire, everything will change the human's life. The bite is a painful and numb. The body starts shake and sweat. Your heart starts to beat really fast.

Vampire Abilities: Strength and Speed ,Senses and Sometimes newborn vampires experience special abilities from their human life. Such as Midnight, Dawn, Rebecca and Michael even Marissa.


Red Eyes

Midnight- Undead

Dawn- Undead

Marissa-Half vampire









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